SafeLM? Video Laryngeal Mask System is Granted Medical Device Registration Licenses in China

          On August 27th,2020, Magill Medcal's SafeLM? Video Laryngeal Mask  and Videoscope are approved for medical device registration certificates by Provincial Medical Product Adminstration of Hunan, China.

          SafeLM?Video Laryngeal Mask System is invented and patented by Magill Medical. It is a first-of-its-kind video laryngeal mask with flexable viewing angle and a revolutionary invention of laryngeal masks.

          SafeLM? provides doctors with clear and full view of glottis and assists for efficient and accurate placement of laryngeal mask airway, avoiding airway complications like LM position shift, airway leakage, regurgitation and, aspiration due to larygeal mask malpositioning, ensuring a much easier and safer airway management for patients in anesthsia.

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